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Danny Ainge: Jeff Green is not a "go-to" player

While many of us have thought this for a long time, it is interesting coming from the president of basketball operations.

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Interesting comments about Jeff Green from Danny Ainge.  (Note: go read Steve Bulpett's whole article - in fact, read him every day.)

Maybe Green’s not right man for job | Boston Herald

"Well, I don’t think Jeff will be a focal point of our team this year," president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said. "I don’t think we have a player who’s a focal point of our team, especially with Rondo out. I think that we have to do it collectively. If we expect Jeff to be the focal point and to turn into Kevin Durant or LeBron James or even Paul Pierce, I think that we’re putting unrealistic expectations on him."

"I think Jeff is a complete player who can defend and pass and score," Ainge said, "but, no, I don’t think Jeff is one of those guys who’s going to get you 25 a game. He may be a go-to guy some nights, but I think we’re going to be more of an equal-opportunity basketball team than we are a team that’s built around one or two players like we have in the past."

Danny goes on to say that Green needs to work on his consistency and his shooting.

Bulpett's point in his article is one that I've shared for a long time.  We shouldn't be expecting Jeff Green to be a star.  He's a really good complimentary player and that should be enough.

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