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Omer Asik will play against the Celtics on Tuesday

He wants out of Houston but he'll have to wait, and while he waits, he'll play against the Celtics.

Harry How

Looks like the Rockets will have their backup center in the lineup for the game tomorrow.

Report: Omer Asik set to make return to Rockets after mysterious absence | The Point Forward -

After missing two games for Houston with an unspecified (and all too convenient) "illness," Omer Asik is set to make his return for the Rockets. Asik participated in practice on Monday, according to the Houston Chronicle, and is set to be active and in uniform for Tuesday night’s game against the Celtics, likely marking his return to the rotation since reiterating his request for a trade to the Rockets’ brass last week.

Omer: "Trade me!"

Morey: "Not yet."

Omer: "Please?"

Morey: "Not yet."


The Rockets are obviously still trying to figure things out with their new pieces and if Omer gets his way, there will be more moving pieces on the horizon.

Rockets tell Omer Asik they will not honor his trade request, reports say - The Dream Shake

By the way, the Rockets have been "shopping" Asik to some extent all year, just as they do with their entire roster. Daryl Morey wants to have a roster that fits together, and so moving a piece that doesn't truly fit in makes sense from a team improvement standpoint. But he wants to get full value for Asik, and if he's backed against a wall, he won't be able to do so.

It will be interesting to see if he sees any time playing alongside Dwight Howard or if he really is going to be relegated to the few minutes Howard isn't on the floor.

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