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Brad Stevens' true journey to the NBA outlined on

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There seems to be a misconception about Brad Stevens and his journey to the NBA. Some think that this was his destiny, but that doesn't account for his years of hard work and dedication to get to this point.'s Jackie MacMullan wrote an unbelievable story painting an accurate picture of Stevens' career path.

Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens' story isn't exactly storybook - ESPN Boston
The narrative has been carefully crafted: a trim, orderly, storybook ascension of a folksy wonder boy with a youthful visage that belied the ample resume he constructed in shockingly quick fashion.

Brad Stevens joined the Boston Celtics with impeccable credentials. He earned them, advancing his basketball career by demonstrating uncommon poise, dignity and maturity for a 37-year old former Division III player.

His college teams at Butler reflected his personality: disciplined, unselfish, with an emphasis on fundamentals and defense. Stevens is a basketball analytics disciple, using cutting-edge statistics to further educate himself on the game he so fervently wishes to master.

Click here to read the full article, because MacMullan delivers again with another sensational piece of journalism.

If you have read my articles over the course of the summer, you know that I am a supporter of Brad Stevens, and believe that he is the NBA's next great head coach. I thought that he would never leave Butler, so I was as surprised as anyone when he signed a six-year deal with the Boston Celtics.

But with only a 4-9 record, some fans may be longing for the days of old, but I know Stevens will be a top coach before long.

MacMullan quoted Gerald Wallace, who admits that there were some reservations about his legitimacy. This is understandable -- considering the track record with college coaches making the move to the NBA -- but it seems that he already has his player's respect.

Like Brandon Bass said earlier this month, there is something special about Brad Stevens. He wasn't a person that went to college with a basketball in one hand and a calculator in the other, he was just a kid trying to find his way. With the Celtics, he may have done just that.

As Boston Celtics fans, we should feel lucky to have Brad Stevens as our team's head coach, because the best has yet to come.

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