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Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger questionable for game tonight against Hawks

Olynyk (ankle) and Sullinger (sickness) will have to see how they feel.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Jared Sullinger entered the game last night with the flu while Kelly Olynyk exited the game with an ankle sprain.  We'll just have to see if either one is available tonight.

Sully says he will play tonight, but we'll see.

Notebook: Kelly Olynyk has ankle sprain | Boston Herald

Jared Sullinger, after being hooked up to an IV yesterday to combat the flu, played well enough to finish with 13 points and five rebounds. He was also a defensive pest, drawing two offensive fouls on Pacers center Roy Hibbert in post-up battles. "I was playing tonight regardless," Sullinger said. "I was going to play regardless. It took a lot out of me so, back-to-back, get some rest, get some food and try and get back at it tomorrow." . . .

Olynyk is less certain (and I'd be fine with a cautious approach personally).

Sullinger, Olynyk appear uncertain for Saturday | Comcast SportsNet -

Olynyk has had ankle sprains before, but said he didn't think it would keep him sidelined for too long. "Some of them are lighter, some of them are intense," he said, generally speaking, of ankle sprains. "I wouldn't say this one is intense-intense, where you're going to be out a month or so. Hopefully there's no damage done; just try to get back as quick as you can."

I say give them both the night off and "showcase" Bass and Humphries.  And maybe give Faverani more than 11 minutes too.

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