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Rondo's confidence breeds teammates' confidence

After today's light practice, the Celtics discussed the impending return of Rajon Rondo and how it might be sooner than later.

Jared Wickerham

After a brutal stretch of road games to start the season, the team's on a two-game winning streak and brimming with a little confidence.  They're finishing games and sticking together.  Oh, and by the way, it looks like they might be getting one Rajon Rondo back soon:

Brooks on Rondo: 'I think he's almost there'

"It's good to see him on the court working out every now and then," said backcourt mate Avery Bradley. "I just can't wait until he gets back. It's fun to see him out there. He wants to be back so bad. He's getting closer out there."

Jared Sullinger, who underwent season-ending back surgery in February and worked hard to get back on the floor this season, knows that Rondo must be anxious. He likes what he sees from him on the floor as he works his way back.

"[Rondo] still has his quickness," said Sullinger. "He can still finish with either hand. He's still crafty with the basketball. Rondo is Rondo. Once that knee gets 100 percent, look out. He's going to be back full effect."

Echoed Gerald Wallace: "[Rondo is] moving better. And obviously, just from hearing him talk, his confidence is a lot better in his leg. And he's feeling a lot better about himself out on the court. We don't want him to rush it. We don't want him to come back mentally not prepared... When he's ready, he'll be back."

From what we've seen during pre-game warmups, he's looked pretty good.  Rondo wasn't at today's shooting practice at Waltham, but don't be alarmed.  Instead, he was with team doctors to check up on the knee.  He'll have another visit with Dr. James Andrews before he gets cleared for contact and then it's probably a week or two of practice.  The Celtics enjoy a very home friendly schedule next month which gives Rondo a lot of opportunity to get in lots of reps before hitting the floor.  At this point, I'd say a December return is very likely.

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