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Wire to wire - Celtics rout Cavs 103-86

Sometimes you are the bug (see the Rockets game), sometimes you are the windshield (tonight).

Jared Wickerham

Ten days ago, against the Houston Rockets, the Celtics were cold and the Rockets took advantage early and often, running up an 18-1 lead in the early moments. Today the Cavs were the ones that started off cold and the Celtics took advantage leading to an 18-2 lead.  In both cases, the game was over at that point and it was all about playing out the rest of the game.

I'll share some stats with you but they don't really even tell the whole story.  Basically everything that could go right for the Celtics did.  Jared Sullinger hit 4 of his 5 three pointers. Bass hit the first 3 pointer of his career.  Jordan Crawford banked in a three pointer and got a triple double.  Jeff Green scored his season high 31. Bradley was an efficient 9-11 from the field for 21 points.

It was just the opposite for the struggling Cavs and one has to wonder how long Mike Brown is going to last in his second stint in Cleveland.  All the Celtics starters were double digits in plus-minus while the Cavs starters only contributed 29 points and 17 of those were by Kyrie Irving.

Here's all you need to know.  For the first time this year they played Gino time.  The end.

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