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Who on the Celtics can take the big shots?

We don't have Larry Bird or Paul Pierce anymore. So who will be clutch?

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The Celtics lost their momentum in Friday's game and never got it back.  They needed someone to step up and stem the tide but nobody really did.

Who will stop the bleeding? - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"It’s one of the things that separates great players," said Celtics coach Brad Stevens. "[Celtics president of basketball operations] Danny [Ainge] was talking about it this this morning. A guy like [Larry] Bird, as many big shots as people talk about guys like that hitting in situations to win games, the shots they hit to stop runs were just as big. The willingness to step up and make that shot in that moment is a huge moment." The question posed to Stevens and his Celtics players Saturday was whether Boston is in need of that sort of go-to guy, whether it be for a late-game 3-pointer, or just someone who can take the ball and stop an opponent's run.

Jeff Green is good at scoring, but I'm not sure I'd call him a go-to guy.  At least not yet.  Crawford doesn't lack in confidence but I question his overall talent.  Sometimes I wish we could put Crawford's head in Jeff Green's body, but I'm not sure how wise that would be either.

Avery Bradley and Gerald Wallace have their moments, but usually not in a half court offense. Bigs like Sullinger, Bass, and even Olynyk and Faverani typically rely on guards to get them the ball in the right position.

In a perfect world Courtney Lee would be a good candidate, but thus far he hasn't proven that he can fill that role consistently.

When Rondo returns, he's just the kind of guy that won't shy away from the big play, but we'll have to see just how much his jumper has improved (he's already pretty solid from the top of the key).

Who else might step up as "that guy" that hits a big shot?  It doesn't have to be the game winner, just a shot that shifts momentum.  It doesn't have to be a star either.  James Posey was expert at this.  At times Jason Terry did it for us last year.  Any candidates for the team this year?

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