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Celtics suffer a disappointing loss at the hands of Milwaukee

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Milwaukee's hot shooting from the outside proved to be too much for the Celtics to handle.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

FINAL: Celtics 85 - Bucks 92


For a game that featured the Boston Celtics (7-11) and Milwaukee Bucks (2-13), tonight's action was a lot more exciting than one would have originally anticipated. The Celtics owned the first quarter, outscoring the Bucks by eight points due to a 13 to 5 run the green team enjoyed during the final minutes of the period. However, the second quarter was a whole different story as the Bucks came roaring back with a 13 to 1 run of their own midway through the frame. Milwaukee would ultimately go on to outscore the Celtics 28 to 14 in the second and, as a result, they went into the locker room with a small six point lead. From there the two squads essentially traded baskets throughout before the Bucks practically ran away with the game courtesy of their hot start to the fourth quarter. The Celtics did all they could to scratch and claw their way back into this game but, unfortunately, the small runs that they were able to put together were continuously extinguished by Milwaukee buckets.


Jared Sullinger is legit

Throughout the team's first 19 games in 2013-14 Jared Sullinger has continued to prove that he is a legitimate piece the Celtics can use in their rebuilding of this team. As far as Sully is concerned, tonight's effort at Milwaukee gave us yet another glimpse into what we hope will be a bright future for the second year pro.

Sullinger contributed an efficient 21 points (10/18) to go along with 14 rebounds in about 33 minutes of play and was seemingly dominant for stretches at a time. It's clear that head coach Brad Stevens and company are very confident in the blossoming big man as they continue to occasionally run their offense through him. Call me crazy, but I believe that 17 and 10 nights will eventually become "ho-hum" performances for the Ohio State product.

Tough night from distance

The Celtics were abysmal from downtown tonight shooting a paltry 21% from that area on the floor. Conversely, the Bucks were able to knock down 8 of their 17 attempts from beyond the arc for a cool 47.1% clip.

Brandon Knight, O.J. Mayo, and Giannis Antetokounmpo combined for seven of those eight made threes which proved to be enough to keep the Celtics from making any sort of legitimate comeback late in the game.