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Are the Boston Celtics the worst team in the NBA?


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Bill Parcells once said "you are what your record says you are." Right now the Celtics are 0-4 and it is anyone's guess when they'll get their first win. I actually like our chances against the Utah Jazz but it isn't anywhere near a given.

Many publications (including SBNation) published Power Polls yesterday that had the Boston Celtics ranked dead last. Granted, these things are fleeting. The Sixers were ranked first in most of them and nobody really thinks that will last long. Still, at this moment in time, the Celtics are out tanking the tankers.

Yes, I invoked the "T" word. It isn't like you haven't seen it before. I've made my feelings clear on this. The players and coaches aren't tanking. They are trying their hardest to get the wins (and I'm rooting for those guys to get some wins). But the front office set this up as a bad team that is going to struggle mightily - at least until Rajon Rondo returns (and I'll take the silver lining of those losses meaning a better draft position in the best draft in several years).

With all that said, I don't really expect the Celtics to keep on dropping games at this pace. I'm pretty sure they won't be the first 0-82 team. In fact, I still like our chances of finishing with a better record than the "mighty" Sixers. We're just 4 games into the season and a lot can change over the next several months.

Still, things aren't exactly going well right now for the boys in green. I knew they were going to blow that game last night. The Griz were too good and too experienced and the Celtics are simply not. There's nobody to close the game and too many lapses occur late in the games to overcome.

Stevens doesn't have a lot of time to fix what issues he might be able to fix because of the hectic November schedule. Even if he had time, the personnel just isn't there to win consistently in the NBA.

So right now, we are the worst team in the league. I'm fairly confident that this won't last all season long though. We do have some talent and there have been some real bright spots in all the games. Shoot, I'd put our moral victory total at 3 wins and one legit loss (the Bucks game). Things will get better. We'll just have to be patient as the team gets there.

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