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Russell in Bronze - CSNNE Special after Heat game about the Bill Russell statue

Watch and appreciate the greatness that is Russell.

Alex Wong

I got a sneak peek at the Bill Russell special that will air tonight after the Celtics-Heat game. It is well worth a watch for those that remember him and want to reminisce or especially for those that are too young to remember him and want to learn more about the incredible life that is now commemorated with a statue in Boston.

Via CSN:

We invite you to check out "Russell in Bronze" which debuts Saturday November 9th on Comcast SportsNet at 10:30pm after the Celtics - Heat post game coverage. "Russell in Bronze" is a 30 minute look at the construction of the Bill Russell statue in Boston. We also explore the amazing elements of Bill Russell's career and life through the wisdom and themes represented in the statue plaza at Boston's City Hall.

"Russell in Bronze" Saturday November 9th 10:30pm on Comcast SportsNet.

It leads with an introduction from President Obama. That alone tells you something about the man Russell is.

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