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Celtics SHOCK the Heat, 111 - 110


Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

WOW! What a last fraction-of-a-second shot by Jeff Green!!!

The Heat looked like they were going to put the game away, up 2 with Wade at the free throw line with less than a second to go.  He missed the first and tried to miss the second on purpose but missed everything instead.  That gave the Celtics the ball on the sideline with a chance for Brad Stevens to set up a play.  The long pass went to Jeff Green and the quick shot fell before the clock could expire.  Game.  Amazing.

Huge game overall by Jeff Green who must really like playing the Miami Heat.  I liked the three pointers but I loved the aggressive drives to the rim.

How about some respect for the high arching cross-court pass that Gerald Wallace threw to Green for the game winner?  He also led the team with 7 assists.

Big 4th quarter (and good all around game) by Avery Bradley who couldn't miss down the stretch.  That's just something I wasn't expecting to say this soon.

Live by the Steez, die by the Steez.  When Jordan Crawford is on, he's such an asset.  You just have to live with the occasional "what did he just do?" moments.  Which, to be fair, have been less frequent lately.

I thought Kelly Olynyk played pretty well in his first start.  It is impressive that the Celtics went to him with a chance to tie the game and he actually got an open look at a short jumper.  He shouldn't have leaned in looking for the foul though - it threw off his shot.

Sullinger and Olynyk both had 8 rebounds to lead the Celtics.

111 points against the Heat defense is also something I wasn't expecting to see.

Remember when the Celtics would drop a game to a less talented but scrappy opponent because they didn't take them seriously enough?  Well, the Celtics are that scrappy team now and the Heat just got punked.  I love it.

Tank another day.  Always beat the Heat.

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