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Brad Stevens looks to get Jeff Green more involved

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Is he not aggressive because he's not getting looks or is he not getting looks because he's not aggressive?

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Jeff Green leads the team with 16.7 points per game so far.  That's up from last year's season average of 12.8 but down from his post All Star Break average of 17.3.  If he finishes the year at this pace, it will be his highest scoring year of his career.  Yet I don't think anyone is all that satisfied yet.

He's still got the talent and the ability to average 20 a game in the right situation and with the right focus game in and game out.  Some around here have lamented that he's not getting enough touches and/or looks within the offense.  Turns out that Brad Stevens agrees (better late than never, right?).

Notebook: Both Stevens, Ainge see future in it for Rondo | Boston Herald

Asked how the Celts could get Jeff Green to repeat his 31-point performance of Friday, Stevens, before the forward had 18 last night, said, "If he was that good every night, then you’d be talking about a top three player in the game, right? Certainly he had it going at a good level, but he also had a couple of matchups we really could take advantage of. "I do think we have to continue to go to him as much as possible. We’ve put in a few more things so that he’s got a couple of options on each read. We’re trying to do our best to get him as involved as possible, because sometimes because of his personality, because he’s such a good teammate, he’ll allow the game to play out without taking those options on himself. I think it’s important that I do a better job in that regard and encourage him to be as aggressive as possible."

At this point, it becomes a philosophical debate.  Is Green not being aggressive in looking for his own shot or is he just not being featured enough in the offense?

As we've discussed in great detail, he's not a natural look-for-his-own-shot kind of guy.  That can be a good thing because as Stevens points out, he's looking to get his teammates involved and play within the offense.  But sometimes the offense breaks down and you need a guy that will stubbornly look to create something out of nothing.  Green has been able to do that, but not consistently.  So I tend to lean towards the "he's just not being aggressive enough" side of the debate.  However, like Stevens indicated, I'm completely in favor of giving him more looks in order to coax some more aggressiveness out of him.

I don't even need to ask what you folks think, because I know this post will generate a lot of discussion.  Glad I could help!