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Doc Rivers Triumphant in Return Against Boston Celtics: Highlights & Analysis

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The full Garden Report crew was on hand to break down the game and Doc's impact on the Clippers early in his tenure.

BOSTON – The Garden Report crew was reunited in full force after Evans' trip to Europe to break down the Los Angeles Clippers' 96-88 win over the Boston Celtics Wednesday night. In Doc Rivers' return to the Garden, Chris Paul led the way with a near triple-double while Jamal Crawford hit a pair of clutch threes to keep the C's at bay. Despite Jeff Green's 29 points, the Celtics let a halftime lead slip and fell just short of a comeback.

We hear from Doc Rivers about his emotional return to the Garden and Jeff Green continues to be an a-hole, refusing to show any emotion over Doc's return.

Filmed by Jared Weiss and produced by Kyle George for CLNS Radio.