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Rajon Rondo goes shopping with children for holidays

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Always a heart warming story.

Jared Wickerham

A lot of professional athletes get involved with charity organizations and donate a lot of time and money to them.  We often glaze over those sorts of things as they don't make much of a difference on the basketball court and it is kind of expected from these privileged few that make millions of dollars a year.

Still, it is always nice (in particular around the holidays) to read about one of our own giving back to the community that supports them.

Rondo Takes Children Shopping for the Holidays | The Official Site of the BOSTON CELTICS

Throughout the years, Rondo has taken youth from MSPCC’s afterschool program roller skating, school shopping and holiday shopping. Thursday afternoon, the point guard continued the tradition by taking 22 kids shopping at Macy’s. Each child received $250.00 to buy clothes and accessories. "I’ve always had a close relationship with MSPCC and the youth they work with," said Rondo. "A lot of the kids don’t have adequate clothing for the winter and may not be receiving Christmas gifts so I’m glad we were able to come to Macy’s today to shop."

This example happens to be Rajon Rondo but I know many of the players and coaches do the same.  So hats off to Rondo and the rest of the athletes that take some time and energy (and yes, a few of their many bucks) to reach out and touch some lives.  Cheers.