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NBA Trade Idea (from Forsberg): Getting Omer Asik

Tis the season to be shopping.

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In case you missed it, December 15th is just a few days away.  That is the day when players signed this offseason become eligible to be traded.  It isn't an official start to the trading season (obviously a few have happened already) but it generally opens things up a bit.  In fact, at least one rumor has the Houston Rockets looking to deal Omer Asik between Dec. 15 and Dec. 19th.

December 15: When the NBA trade game can really begin -

In short, then, next week could see some trades being made. We are already seeing Kyle Lowry's name being mentioned as a player very close to being dealt, while Houston is said to be committed to trading Omer Asik before Dec. 19 for this reason. It is very likely that these two players, and perhaps many more, will be dealt by this time next week.

Hey, the Celtics need a center!  How about a trade proposal?  Glad you asked.

Boston Celtics mailbag -- Divining Jordan Crawford's future - ESPN Boston

Here's the deal I'd pitch to Houston: Bass, Crawford, MarShon Brooks and the Clippers' 2015 first-rounder for Asik and Omri Casspi. Listen, no one appreciates Bass more than me, but Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk are the future at the 4. The Celtics desperately need a rim protector and they don't come much better than Asik, a guy the Rockets have to deal by mid-December. You sell high on Crawford and send out Brooks to ensure you stay under the tax line after the deal. If Houston is leery, you toss in that Clippers pick from Doc Rivers' departure, which will likely be late first round anyhow. It leaves you exposed at point guard until Rondo is healthy, but you unclog at both the 2 and the 4, while adding the potential center of the future. The idea of Asik as the back line of a Stevens defense would leave Boston swooning while filling the Celtics' most glaring need.

I like that deal a lot.  I've seen several combinations of trade proposals from Celtics fans involving Bass and spare parts but always wondered why the Rockets would pull the trigger on them.  They've said before that they wanted at least a pick or two for Asik.  I think that's a bit of negotiating and they'd take a pick and two pieces that could help them now (plus Brooks,... sorry MarShon).

Asik is under contract for just one more year but I think we could find a way to hang onto him long term and he would be a nice building block for the future.  I do like Bass but I think he makes much more sense on a near-term contender.  I also like Crawford, but I think he's playing near his peak right now and I'd like to sell high on him if possible.  The Clippers pick, as Forsberg points out, would be late in the round anyway.

Thoughts and observations are welcome.