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Bass: "A great coach anywhere is a great coach everywhere"

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Aww shucks.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The gushing about Brad Stevens continues unabated.  See the link below for several great quotes about him but this one stuck out the most to me.

Players have full belief in Brad Stevens

“You know what I realized? A great coach anywhere is a great coach everywhere,” Bass said. “That’s on all levels of basketball. If you’re great, you’re great. I just think you have to have humility, like he always preaches. When you go to different levels, you adjust and you act like a sponge. You absorb different things, and the quicker the better. “It’s early, but I love what I see. And I think the rest of the league is seeing it, and they appreciate what coach is doing here. For sure, I would say he’s easy to play for. But he definitely demands your best every day. That’s a guy you want to play for.”

Love it.  It sure sounds like we've got a keeper here.