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Rajon Rondo and Brad Stevens *Connect* on many levels

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They are "best friends" and they have many similar traits.

Alex Trautwig

Baxter Holmes wrote an entertaining and interesting in-depth column on Brad Stevens and Rajon Rondo.  In it he brings up several similarities between the two.  Both were uncommonly good in math - picking up concepts very quickly.  Both are fiercely competitive and high basketball IQ - seeing things before they happen on the court.  Rajon even has designs on becoming a head coach after his playing days are over (assuming he can have patience with players that can't see the game as easily as he does).

Then there was the most fun revelation of the piece:  Apparently Brad Stevens used to play Connect Four when he was a kid and even has a board at his home.  But will he play Rondo?

Celtics' Rajon Rondo has a future in coaching - Sports - The Boston Globe

Fierce competitiveness and an overpowering hatred of losing also link Rondo and Stevens, no doubt a factor in why Stevens hasn’t played Rondo yet in Connect Four. "He better practice a lot before he plays that kid," Bass said, "because that kid is ready for the Connect Four world championship game right now." Stevens keeps a Connect Four grid at his house — and Rondo asked about it. "And I said, ‘I’m not ready to get that out yet,’ " Stevens said. Rondo suggested that a "Rondo vs. Stevens" Connect Four game would be a fun charity event. "It would be, but I’ve got to practice first," Stevens said. "But I’m all in. Let’s do that."

That would be a fun event I think.

Looking forward to seeing what Rajon can do on the court under Brad's tutelage and guidance.  Eventually it will be interesting to see him coaching a basketball team as well.