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NBA Trade Rumor- Blakely: Keep an eye on Austin Rivers?

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Was the source Doc?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In tonight's game broadcast, A. Sherrod Blakely reported on the trade rumors surrounding the Celtics.  Some highlights:

  • An Omer Asik deal would put them in dangerous luxury tax area next year so not likely without several moving pieces.
  • Celtics want to move some contracts - example dumping Wallace might require a pick or a young player to move which they would "seriously think about"
  • Unless they can clear up cap space, may not make any moves

Then he dropped this bomb.  "One player I've been told to keep an eye on is Austin Rivers in New Orleans.  A guy that Danny Ainge liked a lot in the draft.  They even thought about moving up in the draft to get him."  He mentioned offering up a first round pick near the bottom of the draft (presumably talking about the Clippers pick).

Not sure how that makes a lot of sense except in terms of buying low (if indeed Ainge thinks he's better than he's shown in the NBA thus far).

Updates via Blakely

Trade rumors heating up around Celtics | Comcast SportsNet -

Boston has not found much interest in Wallace, while multiple league sources contacted on Monday told that the Celtics aren't going to get any "legitimate" offers for Rondo until he returns to playing. A more likely scenario for the Celtics is to pursue a player still on their rookie contract whose potential is of greater value than their present play. A league source told to keep an eye on New Orleans' Austin Rivers who is playing sparingly in this, his second season.