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Sullinger leads Celtics past Wolves 101-97

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Mini-Love beats Love.

Jared Wickerham

Jared Sullinger
is often compared to a developing Kevin Love. The real Love was big for the T-Wolves tonight with 27 points and 14 rebounds. But Sullinger held his own with 24 and 11 and led his team to victory tonight.

This game had a similar feel to the Knicks game where Boston ran out to a lead, let it slip away late in the 2nd and managed to hold on late in the game. A good trend for a developing team.

  • Terrible game for Ricky Rubio - 2 for 12 shooting, 6 points, lots of blown layups and easy shots
  • Bradley and Crawford both solid with 19 and 15 points.
  • A hearty tip of the cap to the bench, including strong play by Humphries, Vitor, and Olynyk.
  • Kelly Olynyk in particular had some great hustle plays, keeping balls alive for the Celtics for second chance points.
  • Jeff Green was quiet on offense again, with just 8 points on 3 - 11 shooting.
  • Speaking of quiet, Bass scored no points in just 14 minutes of play. Did I miss something? Is he ok?

Solid win over a (usually) solid Wolves team.