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Trade rumor: Rajon Rondo to the Kings

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There were hints of this rumor yesterday, but it hit the Twitter mainstream today when former CSNNE anchor Donny Marshall mentioned it to NBC Sports' SportsDash.

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For those Celtics' fans that follow the news on Twitter, this happened pretty quickly.  We mentioned it here on CelticsBlog yesterday, but at the time, it was nothing but an unconfirmed rumor from an unreliable source.

Then, this happened:

That report went up over an hour ago, but was quickly refuted by some guys we trust:

I don't doubt that Donny Marshall has his own people in the Celtics' organization, but he's been hellbent on Rondo leaving town for years.  There might have been some truth to his reports two years ago, but now, Rondo is The Man in Boston, he's got a great relationship with Brad Stevens, and he's yet to return from his ACL injury.  From A. Sherrod Blakely:

"You know how it gets this time of year," a league source told "People come up with this stuff, you guys write about it, tweet about it, whatever . . . It's sad. There's nothing happening on that front."

Multiple league sources have been telling for months that no team is going to make a "legitimate" offer for Rajon Rondo until he returns to game action.

Cue the Knicks' trade attempt in 3...2...