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Rondo joins practice, wears brace

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The Celtics face Chris Paul, Ricky Rubio, Brandon Jennings, John Wall, and Kyrie Irving this month. Wanna bet Rondo wants to test his knee against the league's best?

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing's official yet, but it looks like Rondo is getting close:

He still needs to get clearance for contact from Dr. James Andrews and that should happen before the holidays, but the more times we see him on the Waltham floor, the better the chances are that we don't see him in a suit at the Garden this month.  Outside of the trip to Indiana on the 22nd, December has nine home games and a puddle jumper to New York and Brooklyn on Sunday and Tuesday.  Best guestimation: he gets cleared sometime this week or next and puts in a week or two of practice.  There are so many tasty point guard matchups this month and I'm sure Rondo is itching to test himself against the league's best.

In somewhat related news:

That means The Captain will miss next Tuesday's game in Brooklyn but should be good to go January 26th in his return to Boston.  It's bummer news for those of us that have adopted the Nets as a second team because of Pierce and KG, but that draft pick is looking more and more enticing.