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Rondo update: positive reports coming out of practice

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After today's Waltham workout, Rajon Rondo put together a post-practice scrimmage and by all accounts, he's looking good.

Jared Wickerham

Of course it's Hump knocking down Rondo in practice, right?

It sounded like quite the spirited pick-up game today and the beat writers in attendance we're gushing over how good Rondo looked:

This all sounds great, but this is the tweet that has me excited:

This all sounds promising for a January return for Rondo.  He declined to address the media this afternoon, but it looks like his actions are speaking louder than anything he could have said.  Here's some video of him in action (beware of some NSFW language):

And from our friends at CelticsHub who also have a report from today's practice:

These are just glimpses, but there are very few people in this league than can find guys on the weak side like Rondo does.  Whether it's that baseline baseball pass to the corner or sucking in the D and kicking it out to the three point line, Rondo has that unique ability to involve everybody in the offense.

P.S. Am I the only one that wants Waltah to suit up for a game and maybe get some PT in Gino time?