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Celtics blow another lead, fall to Wizards 99 - 106

Fast start, bad finish.

Jared Wickerham

The Celtics continue their bad trend of giving up big leads.  They pulled out to an early first half 18 point lead based on good ball movement and hot mid-range shooting.  But the Wizards fought back and made it close in the 3rd quarter.

Avery Bradley was relatively quiet offensively for the first 2 and a half quarters, but went NBA Jams "he's heating up!" mode late in the 3rd and early 4th quarter.  Just hitting everything from anywhere (he finished with 26 points).  It wasn't sustainable though.  He and the Celtics cooled off and the Wizards raced past them late in the 4th quarter picking up the win.

  • Jared Sullinger was a beast all day long.  22 points, 11 rebounds, just playing like a man.
  • Brandon Bass was solid on the boards as well with 11 points and 11 boards.
  • As Jeff Green goes, so goes the Celtics offense.  He attacked in the first half, nothing doing in the 2nd half.
  • Ariza had the sneakiest 27 points ever.  Of all the people I was worried about beating us, he was very low on the list.
  • Wall was very solid with 20 points and 9 assists.
  • The Celtics offense is very inconsistent.  Looks fluid at times but bogged down at others.  Every team goes through ups and downs, but it seems more exaggerated on the Celtics.  Chalk it up to youth I guess.

I think we need a Christmas miracle.



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