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Courtney Lee frustrated with playing time

Lee questions Brad Stevens on his rotations.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Courtney Lee didn't play in the entire second half of today's game and that appears to have rubbed him the wrong way.  Obviously Avery Bradley was clicking on all cylinders and Stevens stayed with the hot hand.  But Lee apparently sees a double standard there.

Lee frustrated with playing time vs. Wizards | Comcast SportsNet -

"I give credit to Avery," Lee said. "He had it going. So it made sense to leave him in while he's going. But what I'm saying in the same sense, there were games when I had it going and I came out of the game."

"Are you going to be consistent with what you do? If you're gonna stick to a time subbing pattern that you make before the game and not go off how the game's going? Or are you going to go off of how the game is going? I don't know."

"We talked," Lee acknowledged. "Of course it's always going to be everything said that I want to hear. But I mean, you see that's not the case when I'm out there."

Very interesting comments from Lee who's never made any waves before.  This is also the first time that I can remember where one Brad's players publicly questioned him.

In a couple of ways, I can understand where Lee is coming from.  First of all, he's actually playing very well in the limited minutes that he's been given.  In just 16.7 minutes per game, he's shooting 51.8% from the field (best of any guard) and 48.6% from 3 point land (best on the team with more than 2 shots).

In addition, we're talking about a guy that was almost traded a few days ago (depending on how close you believe Houston was considering accepting Boston's offer).  Lee was clear in his comments that he wasn't going to ask for a trade, but you get the feeling that he's putting up walls and starting to think about himself over the team.

I don't really like seeing anything like this handled with the media, but I guess I can see how he might feel.  I would say that it will be interesting how Stevens will handle it, but I don't really think we have to guess.  Stevens will, at least publicly, smile and say something charmingly self deprecating and complimentary of Lee.  Then he'll go back to using Lee in his normal rotation and we'll all kind of forget that this happened.

So Lee will still end up spending a lot of time on the bench until someone gets hurt or traded.

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