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NBA trade rumor: Celtics and Rockets still talking Omer Asik

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And now for something completely different, an Omer Asik rumor!

Scott Halleran

Remember when the Doc Rivers rumors just wouldn't die and it dragged on for days and weeks on end?  There's a very good chance this could happen once again with this Omer Asik rumor.  Here's the latest update from Marc Spears.

NBA Power Rankings: Trail Blazers move into top spot - Yahoo Sports

The Rockets let their self-imposed deadline to trade center Omer Asik pass, but Boston is still having trade discussions in hopes of landing him, a source said.

Of course, those are just talks and they could be something as simple as "hey, we're still interested."  Or it could be something else.  Ainge obviously called Houston's bluff with the "deadline" and it sounds like they've got a price they're willing to pay and not more. But that doesn't mean the two sides can't get creative and maybe even find another 3rd team to get involved.

Here's an interesting twist to this story.  If this report is to be believed, Jeff Green was in fact offered up as part of some kind of package for Asik.

Report: Omer Asik Could Have Come to Celtics If Cavs Had Wanted Jeff Green in Three-Team Trade | Boston Celtics |

The two-team trade to bring Asik to Boston didn’t work out, but a three-team deal reportedly was in the works before Cleveland backed out. According to Bob Finnan of The News Herald, the Celtics offered Jeff Green to the Cavs to facilitate the trade. It’s not clear what pieces would have gone to Houston in such an exchange, but the Cavs weren’t interested, anyway.

Following the rabbit trail brought me to this blurb by the aformentioned Finnan:

Bob Finnan's NBA notes: Careers of Irving, Lillard have taken similar paths

If the Cavs had been willing to sacrifice either backup center Anderson Varejao or their 2014 first-round pick, they probably could have been involved in a three-way deal that headlined disgruntled Rockets center Omer Asik this week. They weren’t, so they didn’t.

It doesn't appear as if the Cavs had any interest in Asik. They did talk about being the third team to help facilitate a possible deal. In that scenario, the Cavs would have had to give up Varejao or a first-rounder and reportedly get back Celtics small forward Jeff Green.

I still say Jeff Green would be too much to give up for Asik, but I could at least see the argument behind it.  The theory would be that including Green instead of Bass and Lee would let us keep all our draft picks.  Houston would have gotten the pick from Cleveland instead (or Varejao).

We know that Ainge is bold and creative, and you can say the same about Morey for sure.  So don't sleep on this.

In fact, the latest rumored proposal (not involving the Celtics) is a head turner.

Brooklyn Nets' pain of losing Brook Lopez is New York Knicks' gain - ESPN New York

According to a league source, the Rockets had preliminary talks with the Nets last week about Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin. Talks never gained any steam, but the source said the Rockets were doing their due diligence and Williams' name came up. The Nets balked because one of the main reasons Pierce and Garnett agreed to a trade to Brooklyn was to play with Williams, according to the source. Williams, who signed a five-year, $98 million extension in 2012, was playing well upon returning from an ankle injury, and the Nets were looking better.

In theory, if the Nets did want to go this route, they could free up some cash a year and a half from now, but somehow I doubt the Russian would be satisfied with a slow break-up rebuild process.

So for now, Morey might have to settle for a staring match with Ainge.  There might just be fewer breathless updates and twitter chatter about it this time around.  Maybe.  We'll see.  If we find ourselves in February and Asik is still on Houston, expect things to get loud and antsy all over again.