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Russell Westbrook and Al Horford both injured and will miss time

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This season keeps getting worse and worse for the NBA in general.

Kevin C. Cox

As a fan of the NBA in general, this has been a rough season all around.  Welp, it just got worse times two.

Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City Thunder has knee surgery - ESPN

Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Friday and is expected to be out through the All-Star break, the team announced. "Russell has been playing pain free but recently had experienced increased swelling," Thunder general manager Sam Presti said in a statement Friday. "After consultation and consideration by his surgeon in Los Angeles, a plan was established to monitor the swelling that included a series of scheduled MRIs.

Hawks fear another torn pectoral for Horford -

When Al Horford left Thursday night's game against Cleveland with a shoulder injury, it didn't look good. And a league source says the Hawks are bracing for the worst: the possibility that Horford tore his right pectoral muscle -- an injury that he suffered to his other pec two seasons ago. The team is awaiting MRI results, but if they confirm the worst fears, Horford would stand to miss significant time -- a devastating blow to the only team in the East besides Indiana and Miami that is over .500.

Those results were just announced:

What do you say folks?  How about we just call it a season and try again next year?