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Bass and Celtics block Cavs comeback attempt 103-100

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Huge block by Brandon Bass saves the day.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Celtics once again started off strong and built up a 22 point lead at one point.  As usual, it wouldn't last the whole game.  Cold shooting in the 4th quarter allowed the Cavs to get back into the game and make it interesting near the end.  The Cavs had it down to 2 points and had the ball, but a huge block by Brandon Bass saved the game.  Bradley was able to dribble out most of the clock and hit a free throw to push it to 3 with just over a second left.  The Cavs missed the shot and the win was secured.

Kyrie Irving was as good as advertised once again, scoring 32 points and putting his team in a position to steal a win.  How he didn't get a chance in the final two possessions is beyond me.

The Celtics had a balanced scoring attack with four starters putting up over 15 points each.  Bradley in particular added 8 rebounds and 3 assists to his 18 points.  Two of Crawford's 19 points came right when the team needed them with a whirling drive into the lane in the final minutes.  Jeff Green added 8 rebounds to his 19 points as well.

Losing leads is a troubling trend with this team, but it is nice to see them hang on for the win from time to time.