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Rumor: Celtics among teams interested in Andrew Bynum

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Do not want.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a rumor I hope isn't true in any way.

Andrew Bynum has been suspended for conduct detrimental to the team and has been put on the trading block.  If he's not traded, he'll probably be released:

The Clippers and Heat are two teams that have already surfaced as potential landing spots for him.  And now we're going to hear that the Celtics are also interested - perhaps as trading partners?

Heat, Clippers and Celtics in play for Andrew Bynum? -

And a third team that's come up is the Boston Celtics. They have assets and expiring contracts they could potentially unload, but the Celtics have a pretty specific plan in place that seems to be working, so adding Bynum could be risky, especially since he'd be heading to another rebuilding situation.

Unless they are making a move to slash cash (as in Crash) or some other cost saving move that doesn't hurt us in any way long term or involve Bynum suiting up for us, I'm fine with it.  Otherwise, walk, nay, run away from this guy Danny.

Update: Here's my only trade proposal.  Kris Humphries for Bynum straight up.  Then waive him before his contract is guaranteed saving $6M off the cap this year.  Then you'd have the option of using around $6M of the Traded Player Exception this year at the trade deadline.