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The Garden Report Breaks Down Andrew Bynum's Indefinite Suspension by the Cleveland Cavaliers and Goes Behind Enemy Lines with Dion Waiters

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Bynum is on his way out, so where should he go? If anywhere?

The Garden Report broke down the situation surrounding Andrew Bynum after he was suspended indefinitely by the Cleveland Cavaliers Saturday. Bynum, who will cut by January 9th by the Cavs if they can't trade him, has played in short spurts throughout the season and could be a contributor to a playoff team. Jimmy Toscano, Evans Clinchy and Jared Weiss look at his future and why he ended up in this situation.

They then went Behind Enemy Lines with Dion Waiters in part three of The Garden Report, as Waiters and Jimmy discussed Bynum's issues and the Cavs' chance at making some noise in the Eastern Conference.

Interview by Jimmy Toscano for Celtics Blog. Filmed and produced by Jared Weiss for CLNS Radio.