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Injury updates: Courtney Lee back soon, Kelly Olynyk delayed further

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Injuries are so unpredictable.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Rondo was the big news yesterday, but there was some good and bad news on the rest of the injury front.

First the good news:

Celtics Monday practice report: Courtney Lee shooting for return vs. Bucks - The MetroWest Daily News

Celtics guard Courtney Lee said following Monday’s practice that he was able to go through the entire workout and a post-workout shooting drill without much pain in his sore left knee, and that he is going to "shoot" to play in Tuesday night’s game vs. Milwaukee at TD Garden. "It’s up to coach whether he wants to put me in or not," he qualified, "but I’m going to go out there and dress."

Then the bad news:

Lee (knee) likely to return Tuesday vs. Bucks | Comcast SportsNet -

Although it was initially thought he would be back after a couple weeks -- that would have put his return to the court being Friday's game against Denver -- there's a chance he may be sidelined even longer. "I don't know the exact timeline on Kelly," Stevens said. "But it was a significant sprain so we're going to be smart in giving him appropriate time to come back."