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Rondo could be medically cleared next week

When asked by CSNNE's A. Sherrod Blakely about meeting with doctors next week about getting medical clearance for full contact, Rondo replied, "maybe" with a grin.


So that's the update:

A league source told that Rondo will likely meet with his doctors early next week while the Celtics are in New York for games against the Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday and Tuesday, respectively.

When asked if he were planning to meet with his doctors next week, Rondo replied with a grin, "maybe."

He's "getting better" and the recovery and rehab are "going fine." I feel like the more coy Rajon gets with his return, the closer were getting to #9 back on the floor. When he starts answering questions with just a wink and wry smile, consider him day-to-day.

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