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Trade idea: Jeff Green for Cavs draft pick and cap savings

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Idea: Jeff Green and Courtney Lee for Bynum and a first rounder. Would you?

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I'll ask in advance for you to forgive the beating of a dead horse. If this topic doesn't interest you, feel free to move on to the next article.

When Andrew Bynum was suspended, rumors popped up about places he could be headed in a trade. The Celtics were even mentioned. That buzz has died down but a couple of articles I read today piqued my interest.

The first is a trade proposal from SBN's Cavs blog Fear the Sword. The idea: Jeff Green and Courtney Lee for Bynum and a first rounder (they have their own and one from Sacramento).

Cavaliers Trade Speculation: Moving on from Andrew Bynum - Fear The Sword

The Cavaliers have been connected with Jeff Green already this season, but there is no way that Bynum alone gets a trade done. My proposal on the Cavaliers' behalf would be something like Green and Courtney Lee for Bynum and one of the first round picks.

The thinking is that they've had enough swing and misses on draft picks and they'd like to get a sure thing out of Jeff Green.

Would it make sense for the Celtics though? Maybe. See Ben Rohrbach's article on this topic from this morning.

Green Street " Irish Coffee: Why an Andrew Bynum trade isn’t crazy

So, why would it make sense for the Celtics to part with their leading scorer? Ainge’s stockpiling of first-round picks is no secret, and by cutting Bynum before Jan. 7 (or even at season’s end), he could shave as much as $36.5 million off the cap through 2016 by shipping Green and Lee’s $15 million combined annual salaries. Such a deal slices the C’s guaranteed commitments to just $35.5 million next season, offering complete flexibility on the free agent market while landing a third first-round pick for the league’s most loaded draft in a decade.

For me I think I like it. That's a lot of cash off the books and it sets us up with yet another draft pick. Depending on which pick it is (and what protections might be on it), it could end up being a better pick than the other two we own already.

Of course in the near term it doesn't help us at all. It would essentially be a tanking move by our front office. Unless of course they found a way to swing a deal for another small forward that could duplicate Green's production at a lower cost (not easy to find without giving up picks of your own). So it wouldn't be easy to sell to the team or the fanbase.

Still, if you could head into the offseason with that much cap room and 3 first round picks, that's rebuilding gold.

What do you folks think?