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Rajon Rondo could rehab with the Maine Red Claws

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens told reporters after today's practice that point guard Rajon Rondo could continue his recovery from a torn ACL with their D-League affiliate, the Maine Red Claws.

This news surprises me quite a bit because it’s unheard of that veteran NBA players spend time in the Developmental League in order to rehab from injuries. But the new collective bargaining agreement allows teams to send players with three-plus years of experience down to their D-League affiliate with the player's consent.

If Rondo were assigned to Maine, he would continue to be paid his NBA salary of $12 million, and he would still count as an inactive on the Celtics’ roster list.

Rondo has said that his knee isn't holding him back, he just needs to regain his stamina; so he could work his way back in Maine instead of being eased back into game-action in Boston. This makes a lot of sense for the team, as it would be a much more seamless transition for Brad Stevens' in-game rotations.

Of course, this might not happen, but the fact it has even been discussed makes me think there is quite a good chance it does.

But if the Celtics try to make Rajon Rondo go to rehab in Maine, he might make like Amy Winehouse and reply, "no, no, no!"

Ultimately, the decision is his, and rightfully so.