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NBA trade rumor: Lakers and Bulls lining up to trade for cap relief trade with Cavs

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Everyone wants to trade for Andrew Bynum ...just to waive him.


The Cavs have been fielding calls about Andrew Bynum from several teams.  Notably the Lakers and Bulls.  Not because either team is actually interested in the 7 footer's services on the court.  They want to trade for him so they can waive him.

Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers talk Pau Gasol-Andrew Bynum trade - ESPN

By trading Gasol in a package for Bynum and then waiving him, the injury-ravaged Lakers could save more than $20 million in salaries and luxury taxes, which could help them maintain financial flexibility heading into the next few summers. A Gasol-Bynum trade would have to include at least one other player and perhaps other assets from Cleveland.

The Cavs also have had separate discussions with the Chicago Bulls on a Bynum trade for Luol Deng, according to sources. The Bulls are in a similar position as the Lakers, about $8 million into the luxury tax and dealing with an injury-marred season. Deng, like Gasol, is a free agent-to-be, and such a trade-and-waive deal with Bynum also could save the Bulls in excess of $20 million in salary and taxes this season.

The curious case of Andrew Bynum continues.

I'm starting to think that maybe this summer we should re-sign Kris Humphries to another $12M contract but put a clause into his contract saying that he can be waived at any time the team wants to get cap savings.  By this time next year teams would be lined up around the corner for him.  I'm only half joking.

What a weird landscape we travel in with the NBA collective bargaining agreement.