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Hawks game a win-win for the Celtics

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Man, I wish the lead blogger here would write about something besides trade ideas and tanking debates.

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Hey, here's something completely different, just kidding.  To the tank debate we go!

For one night, at least, we can't go wrong.  If we lose, our draft position is ever so slightly improved.  If we win, the draft position of the pick we're getting from Atlanta (probably) improves.  So win win!

Taking their pick of reasons | Boston Herald

Anyway, today’s affair has risen dramatically into this scene because, while the Celtics have a first-round pick coming from Brooklyn next June, the Hawks have the option to swap choices with the Nets (residue from the Joe Johnson deal). And with Brook Lopez out, there is even greater expectation now that 17-14 Atlanta will finish with a better record than 10-20 Brooklyn and thus exercise its option. So today the Celts can try to improve the extra pick they have coming by knocking the Hawks down a peg (though winning could hurt their own choice). "I never thought about that situation before," said Jared Sullinger after yesterday’s practice. "That’s weird. "So we’ve got to win this one for Danny at least."

Well said Jared.  Well said.

I suppose you could make a case that the Hawks could go into a tailspin without Al Horford (out for the year with torn pectoral muscle) and the Nets could turn things around at any time.  So this could all be moot by the Spring.  Still, I like the idea that I can root for my team to win without rooting against my team's draft position tonight.  Because how I root is important after all.  The fate of the cosmos hangs in the balance of my choice.  Also, internet trolls occasionally tell me I'm not a "real fan" if I root one way or another.  And pleasing those people is really important.

I may have to resolve to dial back the sarcasm in 2014.