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Ainge on Rondo: "not close"

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During his weekly interview with 98.5's Toucher & Rich, Danny Ainge knocked down speculation that Rondo was close to a return and preached caution with his rehab.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Ainge mentioned that Rondo still has a slight limp as he builds up strength in his knee and legs.  A "few weeks" still fits the time frame from yesterday's bit of news that RR is scheduled for a check-up with Dr. Andrews in the next 10-14 days.  If his appointment is in two weeks, add another two weeks of practice and we should be seeing him on the court in the new year.

Despite Danny Downer's injury update, he was upbeat about the development of the other players on the team.  He singled out Jared Sullinger, Jeff GreenAvery Bradley, and Jordan Crawford with the latter two restricted free agents going into next summer.  Certainly, the silver linings revealing themselves in Rondo's absence has been the more defined role of AB at shooting guard (which he's thriving in) and Crawford's emergence as a reliable point guard (which he's thriving in).