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Thursday's Leftovers: Crawford's hand is wrapped, Ainge discusses development

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Earlier today Danny Ainge said in an interview with 98.5 The Sports Hub that Rajon Rondo is not close to returning to the court, but there are some other interesting bits of information from that conversation. Also, the Boston Celtics held practice this morning, where Jordan Crawford had his wrist taped up.

Crawford wrist taped, Olynyk still out

Guard Jordan Crawford had his wrist heavily taped up during Thursday's practice.

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Said Stevens, "I don’t know if he fell on it or if he hit it on the floor. He had a little bruise, but he practiced full today. He came in and said, ‘I’m ready to go. Let’s go.' It doesn’t look like anything that’s going to hold him back." Asked about the injury, Crawford said simply, "It’ll be all right."

While Crawford's injury doesn't seem to be much of a concern, rookie big man Kelly Olynyk is still being held out of practice with a sprained right ankle. Olynyk was supposed to be out for only two weeks, but he could be sidelined even longer to assure that he is completely healed up from his nagging plantar fasciitis and hamstring injuries.

Danny discusses development

Entering Thursday, the Celtics are in first place in the Atlantic. Huh? Yeah, it's true, rejoice! The thing is they're also 9.5 games back from first in the East and four games up for the worst record in the league. The Celtics are clearly closer to being at the bottom, than they are at the top. But Danny Ainge knows it's not all about wins and losses this season. In his weekly appearance on 98.5 The Sports Hub, Ainge explained that this season is all about development.

"I won't base those expectations on wins and losses. It's more on the development of guys like [Jared] Sullinger, Avery Bradley, and Jeff Green, and Jordan Crawford, Phil Pressey, et cetera," said Ainge. "We're really looking to develop a lot of young guys and we know pretty much what Jeff Green, Gerald Wallace, and Kris Humphries, et cetera, the veteran guys, we pretty much know who those guys are. They've been in the league a long time. But we need our young guys to be a little bit more consistent."

Ainge defends Jeff Green

Some fans have criticized forward Jeff Green for his passiveness on the court, but Danny Ainge thinks he is playing just fine. "[Jeff Green] had a stretch of a few games where we weren't giving him the ball enough, we weren't including him in the offense, I think our young guards had the ball in their hands too much."

The stretch of games Ainge might be referring to came on November 16th and 19th, against the Timberwolves and Rockets. In 52 total minutes, Green attempted only 13 shots for 6 points. Since then, Green is averaging a healthy 14.3 shot attempts and 20.1 points per game.

Team MVP?

Interestingly, Danny Ainge isn't so sure that Jared Sullinger is the MVP of the Celtics so far this season. Ainge says, "We're really excited about Jared and what he's becoming, and we've always known that he's had the talent, but I don't know if I would just give MVP to Jared."

Ainge explained, "I think plus/minuses are very deceiving, especially early in the year. I think there's a lot of guys, Jordan Crawford has played terrific, Avery Bradley has had some amazing games, and I think that Jeff Green has played very consistent." In short, Ainge says, "It seems like there's a different MVP every night."

He's right, and that's exactly the style of basketball Brad Stevens wants the Celtics to play: every night there will be a different star. Maybe things will change when Rajon Rondo returns, and he'll become the best player every night, but for now, there is definitely no clear-cut team MVP.