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Deron Williams expected to play vs. Celtics on Tuesday

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But will he be at full speed?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Next week will be an interesting one. We face the Knicks twice and see familiar faces on the Nets and Clippers in between.  The Knicks just got a feel-good win against the Nets so we'll see if we can make them feel bad again.  The Nets are still terrible but part of that is because of injuries.  If Deron is full speed, that makes them (at least on paper) a better team.

Deron Williams to return vs. Celtics - NetsDaily

Team sources have told beat writers that Deron Williams will return to the team next Tuesday vs. the Celtics. The Nets play this weekend in Milwaukee then return to Brooklyn. Williams has missed the last eight straight games due to a sprained left ankle -- 10 overall with the injury.  The Nets are 2-8 without Williams in the lineup. Williams missed four games all of last season. He's averaging just 9.3 points and six assists per game. His Player Efficiency Rating of 13 is below the league average.

But will he be full speed?

Deron Williams of Brooklyn Nets likely returns Tuesday - ESPN New York

He originally hurt his ankle Nov. 15 in Phoenix, which caused him to miss two games. He returned Nov. 20 in Charlotte, aggravated the injury, and hasn't played since. Tyshawn Taylor has been starting recently in Williams' absence, with Shaun Livingston backing him up.