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Could the Celtics make a move for Greg Monroe?

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Not sure if this is a rumor or just speculation.

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Disclaimer: I'm posting this more out of boredom and looking for something to write/talk about than I am in terms of real news.  I don't really know if this is a "rumor" or pure speculation on Bill Simmons' part, but I thought it could be a good discussion point either way.

Let us start with Jay O's tweet alerting us to something Simmons said on his podcast.

When you listen to the podcast itself, it sounds like Simmons and Lowe are discussing possible trades for Monroe, starting with the Raptors who in theory would be dangling DeMar DeRozan.  Other teams are mentioned and Bill Simmons makes a comment that "Boston is in the mix ...for Monroe, I think that's a team that... there's pieces there."

Lowe refers to the Rondo for Monroe rumors from this past summer and Simmons points out that Rondo might not even have to be in the deal.  He then tosses around names "like Jeff Green, and picks, and ...whatever."  They transition to talking about the assets the Celtics have, including the ever-valuable pick from the Nets/Hawks.

So is this a rumor or speculation?  Probably just speculation but maybe there's some information floating out there that Bill is privy to that we don't know about.

Personally I wouldn't get too wrapped around the specific names heading out. Of course the Celtics are interested in one of the more talented young big men in the league.  So why would he be available in the first place?

At least one writer speculates that it is because the Pistons have too many bigs that will command top salaries.

Zach Lowe also mentions that Monroe would be looking for max money which is dicey when Monroe hasn't proven himself on the defensive end yet.  Would the Celtics be one of the teams willing to shell out max money for Monroe (plus whatever trade chips it would require to get him - which would likely include picks)?  That is an interesting question and I'd probably have to say yes.

Of course it depends on the package going out.  I'm still a flat NO on sending Rondo for him.  Jeff Green plus picks is interesting but the salaries don't match up so what else would we be taking back and which picks are going out?

Anyway, probably nothing more than speculation but it seems like interesting speculation.