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Greg Oden met with Celtics

There was talk around the league that Greg Oden had narrowed his search to two teams--his hometown Cavaliers and the star-studded Miami Heat--for his comeback next season. However, there were Twitter sightings today that he was in Waltham.

Jonathan Daniel

Bulpett has a few quotes from the Celtics GM:

Celtics meet with Oden

"We're just finding out as much as we can and letting Greg know what we have here," said Ainge. "He's not ready to play now, but he's someone who's very interesting."

He added that there is nothing imminent with Oden, who is investigating his options as he tries to get his knees ready for another run at the NBA.

There had been a report that Oden was not interested in the Celtics, but Ainge said, "I haven't heard that. If it was true, then why would be fly in to speak with us?"

Danny said yesterday that he plans to fill out the remaining two roster slots before the February 21st trade deadline. Could Oden be one of them? It would make sense in what looks like a long term strategy from the front office with this potentially low risk, high reward move. With the team opting for Sullinger's future health rather than letting him play and attempting to manage his pain this season, it looks as though Ainge might be securing young talent for down the road while simultaneously letting the current roster play it out. Calls to blow up this team have been premature in my opinion; the championship window for this team coincides with the life of KG's contract and if he's planning on coming back next season, the idea of putting young pieces around him that he can mentor makes absolute sense.

If the Celtics do sign Oden, my bet is that Danny will find a FA big with #15. Even without Rondo and Sullinger, this team is still very deep, but another big is essential. There's also a chance that they could ship out a vet (CBS' Ken Berger reported yesterday that teams are calling on Jason Terry), but because he signed a long term contract last summer, that seems unlikely to me.

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