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Don't be shy, check out CelticsBlog's Chat Room

There are lots of ways to communicate with other Celtics fans on CelticsBlog. You should try the Chat Room out as well.

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I've noticed that chat rooms aren't really all that popular on the web anymore. They seem to have gone the way of dial up modems and AOL disks. Now there are forums, blog comments, user generated content, ...and that's just on CelticsBlog.

But like all Celtics fans, we tend to hold onto tradition a little longer than most. The Chat Room will always be dear to my heart in that it gave us our big break way back in the day. When I was just a wet-behind-the-ears blogger talking to myself on the World Wide Web, I noticed that the Globe was closing down their chat room in favor of some horribly executed forums. I slapped some java code onto my blog, invited people to come over, and boom, instant community. Nine years later, many of the original folks from that chat room are frequent visitors and contributors.

Anyway, enough of my blather. I just wanted to remind you folks that especially on game nights and during the CLNS broadcasts, the Chat Room is usually a hopping place to have a good conversation with some fellow Celtics fans in real time.

You'll need Java enabled on your computer and please read and follow the rules posted, but beyond that, just have a good time chatting with fellow Celtics fans.

Hope to see you tomorrow night!

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