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No Canada, Celtics hold off Raptors 99-95

"Building sandcastles in the sand" - Robin Sparkles


The Raptors had a 10 point lead at the end of the 3rd quarter but a strong 4th by Barbosa and a great all around game by Kevin Garnett powered the Celtics to a solid win over the Raptors.

  • I just get the feeling that on every made basket KG was muttering to himself "I will not accept a trade to YOUR team either."
  • Rudy Gay is going to be perfect fit as "good player on bad team"
  • Like some of the heads up plays that Jeff Green made. Twice tossed it off an opponent that was standing out of bounds.
  • Another game, another 6 guys in double figures. Yay for sharing the ball.
  • Courtney Lee was 0-3 from 3 but still had a very solid game. Not bad.
  • Nobody likes my nickname ideas, but for fun here's one for Barbosa. Microwave is too old school, so how about Keurig? He heats up fast and gives the offense a jolt of energy.
  • 5 wins in a row. Who's up next?
  • Beat L.A. Beat L.A. Beat L.A.
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