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The unlikely Perkins amnesty rumor

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This one seems to come up every 3 months or so. So here's a post on it, because I have to.


I love Kendrick Perkins and I'd love to see him back on the Celtics. So when I hear rumblings of rumors about the Thunder maybe, possibly, perhaps using the amnesty clause on him and the Celtics perhaps, maybe, could-be picking him up, I get my ears up. Then I remember that we've heard this all before and that it probably won't happen. But first the latest rumor from Gary Washburn.

Washburn On Toucher & Rich: Could Perkins Be Back On Celtics Next Season? " CBS Boston

"His contract is kind of an anchor at this point. He has not been statistically productive for the Thunder; the leadership is there but if you look at the numbers its nothing close to what he did in Boston. So I do think it’s a possibility," said Washburn. "There are still some strong feelings for him in Boston." "You’re talking about Perkins getting amnestied and still getting his money, so obviously he’s not going to demand the same amount from the Celtics," said Washburn.

Now for the cold water from Jay King.

Boston Celtics rumors 2013: If Kendrick Perkins gets amnestied, could he return to Boston? |

One problem for Celtics fans hoping for more endearing scowls in New England, though: Teams with cap space get first crack in an amnesty bidding process. Boston doesn't have any cap space and, barring big changes, doesn't project to have any in the near future. The Celtics would need every team under the cap to pass on Perkins, which would make him a free agent available to sign with any team. While that is possible, it might not be very likely.

So basically a lot would have to happen for this to, happen. (I'm a regular word putter togetherer) First, OKC would have to pay him to go away. Then a lot of teams in need of centers would have to pass on him. Then he'd have to get no offers from anyone that would trump the Celtics bid. Seriously, if he falls that far off the market, do we really want him? Well, maybe for sentimental reasons, but still...

Of course, this falls right in line with my wishful thinking tweet earlier today where I openly wondered how cool it would be to bring back Al Jefferson (even with all his faults) just to have a low post scorer back on the team. Problem is, it would have to be a sign-and-trade and the Jazz wouldn't want to take back our long term salaries. So again, long shot.

But hey, the offseason is miles away and these wistful trips down memory lane and Back to the Future sequels can wait till the summer.