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Much better: Celtics handle Raptors 112-88

All is back to being right in the world as the Celtics erase the memories of last night's game and watch Pierce and Garnett climb up the all time record charts.

Jared Wickerham

Paul Pierce moved into 20th place in all time scoring (passing Charles Barkley) and Kevin Garnett moved into 15th place (passing Jerry West). Pierce also passed Allen Iverson on the list of free throws made. It seems like every time they turn around they pass someone on some all-time list. Yup, they're old, but man are they good.

The Celtics were good tonight as well. Avery Bradley got Sebastian Telfair so frustrated with his defense that he got ejected from the game for arguing with the refs. Something tells me that the NBA point guards don't let Avery Bradley sit at their lunch table. Of course, as someone pointed out to me on twitter, that doesn't stop him from stealing their lunch.

Jeff Green had one of his good-Jeff nights. He was driving, hanging, and finishing at the basket. One thing I've noticed with him is that he really doesn't get as many calls as he (probably) should. Part of it seems to be that he avoids contact so well. He jumps slightly to the left or right of the defender so he glances off the defender instead of colliding head on. He could pick up a few tips from Paul Pierce on how to "sell" the contact a little more.

Nice to see KG and Paul Pierce getting to celebrate their accomplishments with some good old fashioned Gino Time. Nobody loves Gino more than Kevin Garnett. Nobody. Heaven for KG must be Gino Time, Craig Sager suits, and wide open jumpers all day long.

Celtics finish with 7 players in double figures. The end.

Final - 3.13.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Toronto Raptors 22 18 22 26 88
Boston Celtics 21 28 32 31 112

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