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Celtics are "not impressed" with Miami Heat win streak

Couldn't resist using that picture.

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Everyone is super impressed with the Miami Heat's winning streak. Well, not everyone. The Celtics are pulling a McKayla on the Heat.

Boston Celtics 'not impressed' by Miami Heat's lengthy streak - ESPN Boston

"Not really impressed with it or anything that they do," said Terry, who has a history with Miami from his Dallas days when the two teams met in the 2011 Finals. "So, for me, it's more about what our team is doing and how we're coming together as a unit."

Pierce did say that the streak was impressive, but...

Celtics Insider | Boston Herald

"I really don’t even care. I hope they lose every game for the rest of the season. I’ll just worry about what this team does."

Doc pointed out at one point that the 2008 Celtics won 19 in a row. He's also doesn't sound all that intimidated by the Heat.

Green Street » Paul Pierce on Miami Heat: ‘I hope they lose every game rest of the season’

“I don’t really care. We’re going to play them one way or another, whether they have a streak or coming off a loss. We’ll be ready, I’m sure they will be.”

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