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Jason Terry diary: focused on team, ready for the Heat

Jason Terry's diary posts are always entertaining and informative.

Chris Trotman

Fresh on the heels of Jason Terry's "not impressed" comments about the Miami Heat, it is interesting to see him expand upon those thoughts a little more. I'll make you go to the site to read all the comments, but they pretty much fall in line with the Celtic way of thinking that Doc, KG, and the rest of the C's preach. They aren't focused on the Heat or anyone outside their own locker room. It is "us against the world," "we not me," and "Ubuntu" all the way.

Terry diary: On Heat, KG, plane rides - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Doc [Rivers] is giving us constant reminders about what we need to do to be successful. The blueprint is right here before us and we know it. The last time we played them was at home in January when we won in double overtime. I expect Monday’s atmosphere to be just as good or even better. Our fans know that is an intense rivalry. They know how much they mean to us. When they get loud, they impact the game because we feed off of it. This is the best crowd in basketball.

As for the guy that he essentially replaced in Boston: Terry doesn't really care about that either.

Ray Allen came back here for the first time in that game. If you ask me if I care what kind of reaction he gets this time, my answer is nope. I really don’t care. But the reaction he gets, whatever one it is -- boos or cheers -- is well deserved.

Well alright then.

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