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Jason Terry returns to Dallas, seeks aggressive mindset

Terry wasn't expecting things to be this hard, but he's always got the right attitude.

Jared Wickerham

This season has been up and down for Jason Terry. It took him some time to get into Doc's system but when Rondo went down and the team needed more out of him, he stepped up to the challenge. However, Wednesday's game was a step back for everyone and as usual Terry takes much of the blame on himself but promises better things.

Jason Terry returns to Dallas with point to prove — to himself - Sports -

“I’m about to get more aggressive,” he promised. “I already know what time it is. Any time you have a game like I had tonight, it’s time to turn up the aggression level. “I can’t wait until the third or fourth quarter and think I’m just going to get it going. So that’s my responsibility. The team is counting on me. And I told them, ‘This one’s on me,’ so I’ll definitely make up for it Friday.”

He doesn't seem eager to talk about it, but you can bet that adding into his motivation is the fact that he'll be returning to Dallas for the first time in Boston green. There's a lot of fond memories there and he's probably looking to prove to the Mavs that he would have been worth re-signing if they would have stepped up to the plate and made a reasonable offer. Should be an interesting game - especially for JET.

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