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Courtney Lee already feeling better after ankle sprain

Sounds like good news with Courtney Lee's ankle.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When Lee initially went down holding what appeared to be his knee, most of us assumed or at least feared the worst. That's just the way this season has gone. Thankfully it was just an ankle and now it sounds like it isn't even that bad.

Lee better after sprain | Boston Herald

"An initial sprain is always the biggest zing right there when it happens," Lee said after the Celtics’ 104-94 loss to Dallas. "But hopefully it’s just swelled up a little bit. "I’ll get some medicine and some ice, and hopefully then it will go down and I’ll be ready to go (tonight). I’ve sprained my ankle a couple of times before and right away is when it’s hurt the most. But once it calmed down I was able to put pressure on it and walk off the court."

At this point, I don't want him rushing back and hurting it more. But of course I'll trust the medical staff and Lee himself to make the right call.

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