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Garbage time gets interesting but Celtics fall to Grizzlies 106-110

Down 21 points with under 10 minutes to play, it looked like it was over. But the end of the bench staged a comeback to cut the lead to 2 before running out of time to complete the comeback.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Playing without Kevin Garnett or Courtney Lee, the Celtics just didn't get enough from anyone not named Paul Pierce.

This is going to sound harsh, but the first 3 quarters of tonight's game reminded me of the mid 2000's Celtics. It was Paul Pierce and a bunch of role players. Jordan Crawford is a poor man's Ricky Davis and Brandon Bass is kind of a rich man's Mark Blount. Avery Bradley is Tony Allen without the crazy.

The game was done with 5 minutes left. Over. Paul Pierce intentionally fouled a guy just so Doc could take him out of the game and play the end of the bench.

Then Jordan Crawford started hitting ridiculous shots. Terrence Williams stepped up. Even DJ White got into the act. And all of a sudden the lead was down to single digits. Then it was 4. At one point it was down to 2 and Doc was shuttling in the starters to go for the win. Maybe they should have just run with the Garbage Time All Stars that cut the lead down.

Ultimately it wasn't enough and the Celtics fell short and fell to 0-3 on this road trip (plus the home loss to the Heat gives them 4 losses in a row). They have also lost their last 5 road games. Not fun.

At least there was this.

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