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Kevin Garnett may miss 4 - 5 games

Doc Rivers sounded like he was planning on taking things slow and cautious with Kevin Garnett.


The "initial results" from the MRI apparently were not worrisome for the team but it sounds like the team will take things slow with Kevin Garnett.

KG, Lee sit out practice for C's - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Rivers was asked if he was worried about a long-term injury with Garnett and offered, "If you mean that he’s not going to play this year? No, I don’t worry about that. Can he miss 4-5 games? Yeah, that’s possible. I don’t know that, [but] to me, that’s not a [long-term] concern." Rivers added: "He hurt his foot in the Dallas game. Unless something crazy happens in the MRI -- that I can tell you, at first look, they didn’t see that -- unless something happens, at the end of the day, he may miss some games, but we’re going to err on right side [of caution]. Whatever they decide, if they give me option of, 'You can play him every third game or give him two weeks rest,' I can tell you right now, I’m going to say two weeks rest. If it’s my decision. They usually never leave it up to me, but if it was my decision, that’s where I would go. Because at the end of the day, I want him right and I don’t want him half-right."

Welp. Can't argue with slow and cautious. I just hope this doesn't turn into something similar to 2009.

Update from Ainge:

Celtics Insider | Boston Herald

Danny Ainge just reported that a further look at Garnett's MRI revealed the problem is not an ankle sprain. "I think it happened in the New Orleans game," Ainge said. "It was just sore. A lot of things can cause inflammation. Everybody has a little inflammation at this time of the year. We need to get him fresh anyway." As for a timetable on Garnett's return, Ainge said, "I think it's not longer than three weeks. It could be a week. I'll guess two weeks because we want to make sure he's really ready."

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